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"Doomed To Love A Madman "

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Birthdate:Dec 5

a blog in love with the macabre movies of yesterday,
horror classics and horror cheese,
as well as all manner of celluloid kitsch and b-movie bizarre-ness.

Interests (77):

1940s universal horror, 1950s sci-fi, 1960s mexican horror, 1970s horror, 1980s horror, aliens, amicus, arched eyebrows, axe murderers, axe wielding maniacs, barbara steele, bela lugosi, bikersploitation, blaxploitation, bollywood horror, boris karloff, buck rogers, chapter serials, charlie chan, demons, devil cults, disaster movies, dr.phibes, euro horror, exploitation, femme fatales, fiends, finks, flash gordon, freaks, ghouls, giallo, gore, hammer horror, haunted houses, herschell gordon lewis, hindu devotional films, hunchbacks, it, jayne mansfield, john waters, krimi, lon chaney, lost in space, mad doctors, mamie van doren, maniacal laughter, masked heroes, mechanical bats, mutants, nunsploitation, old dark house, outer limits, peter lorre, psychotronic films, rubber suited monsters, schlock, screaming victims, secret passages, shelia keith, space creatures, surreal nightmares, tarzan, ted v. mikels, the gillman, tod slaughter, twilight zone, vampira, video nasties, villains, vincent price, vintage horror, vipco, vulnavia phibes, witchcraft, wonder woman, zombies
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